English Workshop – How to create a smooth “elevator pitch” and talk about your skills confidently (28.9. klo. 18.30-20.30)

English Workshop – How to create a smooth “elevator pitch” and talk about your skills confidently (28.9. klo. 18.30-20.30)

28.9.2022 Koko päivä

Come and join us in an evening short course and face your fears of speaking in English!

JCI Lahti arranges an online workshop to discuss how to introduce yourself in English in work situations, how to create a smooth “elevator pitch” about your core skills and how to navigate other work-related talking points.

Let’s face it, we Finns are good at understanding English, and even better at knowing how to avoid bad grammar, as that is usually the reason we stop speaking. Just in case we mix “in” accidentally with “at”. Who would understand us?! Honestly? Everyone. Hardly anyone would even notice the mistake. Let alone point it out. And if someone does point it out, they are the type of person you don’t need in your life.

And this is the problem we aim to tackle during the workshop. To speak, out loud, in English, with no apologies whatsoever what comes to our “not so perfect” grammar. This is a workshop, where the intention is NOT to be perfect in English, but to learn to express yourself in a way that you can finally take part in business (and non-business) related small talk.

The things we cover during the evening:

– How to introduce yourself in a small talk situation
– How to tell someone about your work and what you do for a living, in short (elevator pitch) and in a longer form (actual conversation)
– How to talk about your skills confidently
– How to approach sales calls
– The basic CV terminology

We will also go through a bit about the work culture in the UK, how it differs of the Finnish one, and what to expect if you go and work in a British workplace.

The workshop will be held in English, and we expect you to have an open mind about speaking in English during the evening as we will have discussion exercises in smaller groups throughout the evening. You don’t need to be anywhere near perfect in the language, the most important thing is that you are willing to try it out. And those of you who are comfortable with their English, marvellous, join us! The more skill levels we have present, the better.

The workshop is hosted by Karoliina from JCI Lahti, she lived in the UK for 7 years before Covid-19 came along and does most of her work in English. Karoliina has completed her Bachelor’s degree in a university in England, and was one of the teachers for 5 years in a local Finnish Saturday School, teaching the basics of Finnish language to British people.


Koulutus järjestetään Teamsissä.

Ilmoittaudu koulutukseen täältä (viimeistään 26.9.): https://forms.office.com/r/9FWN9p6mf1

Koulutus järjestetään yhteistyössä Opintokeskus Siviksen kanssa.

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