Multi-twinning in JCI Lahti

JCI Lahti is to become an international chapter, and we have started a multi-twinning program. We have an agreement with JCI Ålesund (Norway), JCI Siauliai (Lithuania) and JCI Pärnu (Estonia) to become twinning partners. We would like to find one more chapter from Central Europe to join us!

JCI Lahti has also a local twinning partnership with JCI Cosmopolis. “Cosmos” are an English speaking chapter based in Helsinki. Cosmopolis comprises of internationally minded professionals of more than 10 different nationalities (Finns and foreigners).

What is then multi-twinning?

Well, it is sharing ideas, events and cultures with people from another country but who of course have the same JCI Spirit as you! Normally there is one meeting per year in one of the chapter’s home town. The good thing with having several partners is that you don’t have to arrange the meeting every second year (which can feel a bit heavy) but only every fourth ort fifth year. The program during the meeting should have some amount of local business, some local culture, and of course in the perfect JCI spirit!

We are in the beginning of this journey here in JCI Lahti together with our partners, but the journey will be a great one!


Contact for more information:
Essi Pohjasniemi, INT 2018